Conference Topics

Extended abstracts (rather than full papers) are invited on all subjects relevant to the spirit and objectives of the conference: to present, discuss and learn about the latest developments in networking technology for the research and education community and their use by the community. The topics below are an indication of the planned scope of the conference, but are not meant to be restrictive.


HOW TO SUPPORT BIG & OPEN SCIENCE Big Data is not only a tool for physicists but one increasingly used by researchers in life sciences, humanities etc. Researchers are increasingly required to take care of their data. Funders will impose strict rules for data stewardship and ensure data stays available for future research.
CONNECTING MINDS The way research is conducted and the manner in which researchers communicate have changed. Ever more researchers communicate internationally and with people outside the research community, e.g. in the commercial world. This evolution requires innovative tools and services to allow researchers to excel in their field.
THE ā€œEā€ IN NREN NRENs in their innovations tend to listen to researchers; education often lags behind in the NREN priorities and is still based on traditional concepts of access to knowledge and information. The world is changing, education is changing - how can NRENs adapt to support that change?
EXPERIMENTATION AS A SERVICE NRENs serve a community that is quick to adopt technology and new services. They are capable of providing an environment for a proof of concept or testbed before services are launched in the bigger world.
EPIC FAIL Innovation has always been a key characteristic of NRENs and innovation is not possible without failing every now and then. What have you learnt from your failures? Was your idea overtaken by events? Was your software development not up to the task? Was there no adoption in the world outside the NRENs? What lessons are relevant to the wider community?
SHAPING CLOUD SERVICES More and more universities and educational institutions are getting their services from the Cloud; sometimes commercial and sometimes community driven. What is the role of NRENs in this development?
BETTER SAFE THAN PRIVATE? Safety and privacy seem to be more at odds than ever. Governments and large companies are collecting data from people in the name of safety with an apparent disregard for privacy. At the same time this data collection seems to introduce security risks. Security incidents, like denial of service attacks seem to increase in number and size. How can NRENs address these issues and make sure that safety, security and privacy co-exist?
ARE NRENs STILL RELEVANT? Twenty years ago, NRENs were leading the way, bringing Internet to the the world. Today, the commercial world seems to innovate and evolve faster than most NRENs. What added value can NRENs contribute? How should NRENs organise themselves to stay relevant? How should NRENs innovate in this changing world?